Strategies for a Smooth Retirement on a Fixed Income

 When making financial plans for retirement on a fixed income, remember that your retirement life at the beginning is not how it will continue indefinitely. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional will assist you in creating a smooth retirement plan that best fits your needs over time. "Your retirement will evolve in phases as your priorities change," says Cary Carbonaro, CFP.® "One of the most important things you can do right now is understand how your retirement will change and then budget for those different phases."Carbonaro suggests thinking of retirement in three phases: Early: The early years of retirement are the years when most retirees enjoy good health and are free of work and child-rearing, allowing travel and other activities to play a larger role in the budget. Middle: This phase can be considered a slowing-down and transitional phase for many. Changes in health, legacy and other goals will impact financial plans and budgeting. Late: Late retirem

Divvy Homes Is on a Mission to Make Homeownership More Accessible

Recent inflationary pressure, challenging financial circumstances and a looming rise in interest rates have made aspiring homeowners across the country feel like the dream of owning their home is slipping away from them. This situation may seem bleak, but San Francisco-based start-up, Divvy Homes offers aspiring homeowners another option to make their dreams a reality.Divvy Homes is dedicated to making homeownership more accessible to American families. The company has designed a program for would-be homeowners who don’t quite qualify for a traditional mortgage because of tighter lender requirements, not quite enough savings or a range of other reasons.Divvy helps by offering a program that allows customers to build savings with their Divvy payment, boost their credit score through free credit counseling and ultimately position themselves to qualify for a traditional mortgage at the end of their three-year lease. If a customer is ahead of schedule and wants to purchase before their lea